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PUBLICATIONS  (**first author; *Corresponding author)
  1. Po-Liang Cheng**, Tzu-Hung Hsiao**, Chung-Hsing Chen, Miao-Neng Hung, Pei-Pei Jhan, Li-Wen Lee, Jia-Rung Tsai, Chieh-Lin Jerry Teng* (2022) Chemoresistance in acute myeloid leukemia: An alternative single-cell RNA sequencing approach. Submitted
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  7. Chi‐Chen Fan*, Chung‐Hsing Chen, Chi Chou, Ting‐Yu Kao, An Ning Cheng, Alan Yueh‐Luen Lee*, Cheng‐Liang Kuo* (2020) A time-saving modified Giemsa stain is a better diagnostic method of Helicobacter pylori infection compared with the rapid urease test. Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis, 34(4): e23110. (IF: 2.35; rank = 51.7% Medical Laboratory Technology)
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